About Innovation Center for Future Chips

Innovation Center for Future Chips

Beijing Innovation Center for Future Chips (ICFC) was established in 2015, with collaboration of Tsinghua University and the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, as one of the first advanced innovation centers sponsored by the government.

ICFC was built on Tsinghua University's existing exquisite technology and talent advantages. ICFC's main research fields include advanced micro/nano devices and systems, brain-like computing chips, reconfigurable computing, new type of storage device, optoelectronics and flexible chip, etc. The director of ICFC is the Vice President of Tsinghua University, Prof. Zheng You, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

In partnership with Beijing Municipal Government and Tsinghua University, ICFC has grown into a solid team of 100 and developed the world first nano fabrication technology open platform. In the next five to ten years, we are aiming to develop a number of original innovation chips and disruptive intelligentized microsystem, in order to promote the great leap forward development of Beijing's chip industry, boost the development of Beijing's national science and technology innovation center, and implement the national strategy of innovation-driven development.

About Future Chips Forum

The forum of Future Chips is an annual activity held by ICFC. We invite experts from both academia and industry to discuss on the frontier challenges in chip design. Last year, the initial forum of Future Chips 2016 focused on “Challenges and Opportunities of Design Automation”.

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